Suggested Activities

Museums and other activities

Museum of Contemporary Arts/Bildmuseet
The museum of fine arts at the university arts campus by the river is a nice (and free of charge) experience. It currently has two exhibitions: Contemporary Art from Vietnam by a group of artists collectively known as Mien Meo Mieng, and an exhibition of pictures from the winner of the Snöboll award for Swedish Picture Book of the Year. More info on exhibitions, opening times (fairly generous) etc. can be found at

Guitars, the Museum
Guitars the Museum is a private museum downtown, combining a music store, bar, restaurant with one of the worlds finest privately owned collections of guitars. Guided tours are available at 12, 15 and 17 Monday to Saturday, or by appointment (more expensive, we need to be at least 10 people). It does not take too much time and is really worth a visit! More information at

Museum of Västerbotten/Gammlia
The regional museum is situated fairly close to the main university campus, and offers various activities for all ages. In particular, during summertime they have various traditional farm animals on the grounds to show how a typical farmstead worked in olden times. There are also various exhibitions indoors. More information at

Museum of Women’s History (“Kvinnohistoriskt museum”)
At the newly built culture house (“Väven”) in the city centre, there are, apart from various cafés, stages, and the city library, the Museum of Women’s History, providing some interesting perceptions and discussions regarding gender, power, identity and history. More information:

Klabböle energicentrum
The first hydroelectric power station in the region now functions as a museum both for hydroelectrics, but also various other ways of human use of water power (mills, log driving and such). Unfortunately, regular opening hours are drying up towards the end of the summer, though the museum should still be open on the weekend. More information at:


For a full-day tour, the Holmön Islands may definitely be worth a visit. Travelling there using public transport may be somewhat complicated, but by no means impossible. Unfortunately, most things (though not the boat museum) are closing down before the conference, so it is unclear how practical a visit will be. More information at and

Bird watching and nature reserves
Though spring is the more common time for bird watching in the Umeälven delta, one can still view quite a few species from the many vantages provided more or less close to the city. Hiking opportunities are also available in e.g. Grössjön (nature reserve) and Tavelsjön (hiking trail). Please ask us for directions (and maybe company) if you are interested.

Canoeing in Sävarån
For a (slightly) more physical experience of the nature around Umeå, one can hire a canoe in Sävar and follow the creek downstream to Skeppsvik. On saturday evening, Skeppsviks Mansion Restaurant is open for business from 14:00 onwards, providing a nice dinner (though booking a table may be advised). Friday, they close at 16:00, selling sandwiches and bakeries until then. More information at and


Petroglyphs at Norrfors
For the archeaologically minded there are a number of petroglyphs and other ancient sites around Umeå. Specifically, the northernmost petroglyph collection in Sweden can be found at Norrfors, about 10km upriver from Umeå, close to one of Swedens largest hydroelectric power stations. Another acheaological northernmost lies in the other direction, at Mjösjön, where a
bronze age stone ship can be found, along with two cairns. More information and and If you are interested and want to spend two hours, please feel free to ask us for assistance and guidance.