Dinner Places

There are plenty of restaurants in the centre. Below is a list of some of them. This map shows their locations.

  • Sagami: Japanese restaurants. Sushi SEK 130-200. Mains SEK 150-215.
  • Köksbaren: Classical style restaurant. Lots of meat and some fish. Mains SEK 180-500.
  • Gotthards: Fusion food. Mains SEK 200-270.
  • Rex: Classical style restaurant. Mains SEK 180-275.
  • Teatercafet (TC): Classical style restaurant. Mains SEK 170-260.
  • Lottas: Pub food (and a good selection of beers). Mains SEK 150-300
  • Invito: Italian style restaurant. Pizza SEK 140-180. Mains SEK 150-255.
  • Båten:. Located on a boat in the river. Salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc. Mains SEK 160-235.
  • O’Learys: Sports bar with pub food. Mains SEK 170-350.
  • Bishops Arms: Pub food (and a good selection of beers). Mains SEK 140-290.